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Yaxuan Wang


I am an undergraduate in Computer Science and Technology (Top-notch Program, a class of 15 elite students selected from 400+) of Sichuan University and will graduate in June 2023. My current advisor is teacher Qijun Zhao from the School of Computer Science.

I am interested in building intelligent agents or models that can learn from various data sources (e.g., images, audio, and text) and automate decision-making processes in uncertain environments to solve multiple real-world tasks.

Overall GPA:3.85/4  /  Average Score 91.43/100  /  IELTS 7.0
Email: yizhixiaozhu24@gmail.com

My research interests currently include:

  • Trustworthy Machine Learning, especially Fairness, Interpretability and Robustness
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Representation Learning & Learning from Dynamic and Noisy Data
  • My research lies in the broad area of machine learning and data science and I am open to specific issues. I love the process of giving machines the intelligence to address social and healthcare problems.


  • 09/2022 My paper Evaluating the Perceived Safety of Urban City via Maximum Entropy Deep Inverse Reinforcement Learning is accepted to the 14th Asian Conference on Machine Learning (ACML 2022; China Computer Federation/CCF Recommended Category C Conference)
  • 08/2022 My paper A Complete Reinforcement-Learning-Based Framework for Urban-Safety Perception is accepted to ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information (SJR: Q1; Impact Factor: 3.388)
  • 05/2022 Participated in 2022 Sichuan Unversity Computer Science Top-notch Talents Annual Conference (TTAC) and won the Second Prize
  • 05/2022 My robotics team won the Third Prize in ICRA RMUA
  • 04/2022 Remote research internship at University of California, Santa Cruz, advised by Prof.Liu (In Progress)
  • Publications

  • A Complete Reinforcement-Learning-Based Framework for Urban-Safety Perception - pdf
    Yaxuan Wang, Zhixin Zeng, Qiushan Li, and Yingrui Deng
    ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 11, Issue 9
  • Evaluating the Perceived Safety of Urban City via Maximum Entropy Deep Inverse Reinforcement Learning [Camera-ready version in process] - pdf
    Yaxuan Wang, Zhixin Zeng, and Qijun Zhao
    ACML 2022:The 14th Asian Conference on Machine Learning, Dec 2022, Hyderabad, India
  • Recent Research

  • Weakly Supervised Learning combined with Temporal Anomaly Detection
  • With Prof Yang Liu (University of California, Santa Cruz) and Staff Engineer Qingsong Wen (DAMO Academy)

  • A novel anomaly detection approach is proposed based on the informative representation. (More details in the future paper)
  • Responsible for the design of models and implementation of algorithms.
  • Our method achieves satisfactory results in all selected time-series datasets compared to the previous model.
  • Currently working on a paper that is expected to be submitted to IJCAI 2023.

  • Research on Urban Safety Perception using Reinforcement Learning and Inverse Reinforcement Learning
  • With Prof Qijun Zhao (Sichuan University)

  • We aim to leverage reinforcement learning-based decision framework to obtain human-like safety perceptions and use inverse reinforcement learning (IRL) to recover the reward function that can explain the evaluation pattern and help experts quantitatively analyze perceptual features.
  • Experimental results using our crowdsourced dataset showed satisfactory prediction performance (at least 3% improvement in F1 score) and excellent visual interpretability. It also showed that IRL has promising prospects in this field.
  • I was one of the main executors of this project, and we completed the writing and publication of two papers (one as first author, the other as a co-author).

  • Autonomous Robot Shooting and Movement in Specific Maps
  • With Prof Jiancheng Lv Prof Qijun Zhao (Sichuan University)

  • Based on visual perception and cost map, we used behaviour tree to realize intelligent decision-making of the automatic robot, which can move and shoot on a specific map.
  • Responsible for the construction of the robot decision-making framework. Also as the project leader to control the research progress and the funding application.
  • Our project won the ICRA RMUA International Third Prize.
  • Projects

    Curriculum Design

    Course Name Project Name
    Java Programming Airplane War Game
    Representative Learning Occluded face image classification based on SRC algorithm and voting mechanism
    Introduction to Deep Learning Non-framework neural network solves very similar problems of SVHN
    Software Engineering Cross-platform talent management system
    Digital Image Processing Portrait Cutout System
    Introduction to Pattern Recoginiton Classification problem based on MNIST and traditional machine learning algorithms
    Robotics Programming with ROS Robot following system based on ROS

    Personal Research

  • 2021.10-2022.06   Application research of artificial intelligence technology based on CBCT to automatically determine alveolar bone density
  • 2020.11-2021.10   Portable vision integrated real-time detection and tracking system for rare animals - report
  • 2020.11-2021.10   Commodity evaluation system based on natural language processing - report | code
  • 2020.03-2020.06   "You Must Ask" WeChat Mini Program - code
  • 2019.11-2020.10   Evaluation system for graduation requirements under the background of engineering certification
  • Awards

  • 2022, The RoboMaster 2022 University AI Challenge - International Third Prize
  • 2021, National Scholarship(Top 0.2% Nationwide) & CK Power Scholarship & School-level first-class scholarship
  • 2021, The 14th China University Student Computer Design Competition - National First Prize

  • 2021, The RoboMaster University Championship - South Division First Prize

  • 2021, The RoboMaster University League - Provincial First Prize

  • 2020, Outstanding Student of Sichuan University

  • 2020, Outstanding Cadre of Sichuan University Library Volunteer Team

  • 2020, The Eighth Sichuan University Student Engineering Training Comprehensive Ability Competition - First Prize at School Level

  • 2019, Second Prize of College-level English Speech Contest of Electrical Engineering

  • Activities

  • Worked part-time at Xuezhi and DJI.

  • Actively participated in social welfare activities, such as library volunteers, correcting essays for children and participating in elementary school technology festival to tutor students.

  • Member of the women's basketball team of the School of Computer Science.

  • Served as vice president of 3D Printing Association.

  • Friends

    Shiyi Du    Xinyi Huang    Zhixin Zeng    Yibo Liu    Zilin Xiao    Yuanlong Zhou
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